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Uuuhhhh, I'm cheating and saying that continuity totally doesn't matter right now. Dahmer's shifted now...he did some point.

Dahmer was at a complete loss for words. He really had no idea what he could possibly say to Sherlock about this entire situation. A large part of him was furious with her in a way he hadn't been in a long time. He knew she was dedicated to her research, but to go this far?! It was completely unacceptable! it was also essential that he made sure something like this never happened again. He was torn and very frustrated, although leaning more toward yelling at this point. There was just something about the way she stood before him, leaning slightly against the cabin as she gazed out at the sunset. Who cared about the sunset?! A soft growl rumbled in his throat and Dahmer was alarmed at the sudden urge to grab the scientist and shake her that coursed through him. It brought him up short for a few seconds and he was forced to take a deep breath, give himself a few moments to calm down. He unclenched his fists, straightening them down his side and turned away from his mate. If he didn't take the time to collect his thoughts, things were going to get worse. Dahmer took several deliberate steps away, thumping his fists against the cabin wall a few times before pulling back. Even though she was heavily sedated, the massive male still couldn't risk disturbing Ghost.

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