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This stranger's kindness was hurting Ghost in a way she couldn't entirely understand. His easy thoughtfulness was giving the female a glimpse of a new perspective she was never aware existed. If this stranger could be so kind and gracious to a wolf he barely knew, what did that say about Jahre? She was Ghost's mother. Her own flesh and  blood – Ghost was a part of her, someone she was supposed to love unconditionally and without reservation. And yet she barely gave her daughter a second thought, unless it was to dream up a new way to torture her. She was content to give Ghost the bare minimum – just enough to carry on, and even that was offered with a heart breaking reluctance. And at the time, Ghost loved her for it. She clung desperately to any miniscule thing Jahre was willing to throw her way, working tirelessly to make it seem like affection. She spent her life starving for so many things: food, sunlight. Happiness. Company and acknowledgment. Most of all, love. Back in those caves, every one of those things were out of her reach. So she finally escaped – and this was what made for a fantastic summation of her entire life. In one meeting, in a single part of a conversation Zane had inadvertently shown Ghost more kindness than she'd ever experienced in her entire existence. She realized this as she watched the large wolf before her, pale eyes hungrily taking in his smile. In that instant, Ghost became overwhelmed by the urge to never leave his side. It didn't matter that he probably thought she was insane. It didn't matter that she resembled a drowned rat. And it certainly didn't matter that he may not have any interest in a friendship with her. He probably felt every one of these things - but he was still being incredibly kind to her.  How could she not want to spend time with him?                                                                                                         
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