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Post  Dahmer Oriel on Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:41 am


Dahmer didn't give her a chance to respond, working quickly. His movements were quick and sure, his massive hands surprisingly gentle. This was going to hurt, but not for long. He grabbed the two ends of the blanket and wrapped them around Sherlock's leg, taking extra care not to put too much pressure on the area of the fracture. Holding the blanket in place with one hand, Dahmer looped one length of the rope around Sherlock's leg, tying and pulling it tightly in place with his teeth. He moved up to the other side of the fracture and repeated this exercise while making sure her leg was braced properly against his side. He finished quickly, ensuring that the ropes wouldn't come loose when jostled. The blanket offered more than enough padding as well, and Dahmer was satisfied that it would do the trick. But now came the hard part. He stood back for an instant, managing to look the female in the eye for a second before making his next move. Please don't hate me. The words were soft and pleading – and he knew they were completely useless. She would do what she pleased.

Dahmer took the violin and bow from Sherlock's grip. With the way her leg was, she wouldn't be able to stop him. Not physically, anyway. Verbally – well, that was another story. He kept moving anyway, quickly tucking the instrument into its case and snapping the lid shut. He turned to face her again, placing the case into her arms. Hold on to that. Okay. Come on, Dahmer. Just do it. Dahmer had pictured a million different scenarios that would call for him pulling Sherlock into his arms. This was not one of them. But contact was contact, and he would take what he could get. He moved swiftly and efficiently, scooping the female up and into his arms. He positioned her carefully, working hard not to jostle her much. His heart was pounding and he was painfully aware that she could probably hear or feel it – but there was nothing he could do. He was half elated, half horrified at what he was doing. But he needed to remain focused on the task at hand. They needed to get out of here and to his place as quickly as possible without any incident. It all depended on Sherlock. Was he going to have to carry her, kicking and screaming? Or would she cut him a break, just this once? The male turned to the door and moved toward it. With graceful maneuvering he managed to get the door open without jostling his passenger, nudging it wide with his foot. Dahmer paused just on the threshold, squinting out into the rain. Only now did he give Sherlock the chance to react. Are you ready? The question was just a courtesy. She could yell and hate him all she wanted, his only concern was getting her to safety. Nothing else mattered. For now, anyway.
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